Arne Quinze was born in 1971 in Belgium and lives and works in Sint- Martens-Latem, Belgium and Shanghai, China. Quinze creates sculptures, drawings, paintings, and large- scale installations. Recurring fundamentals in his oeuvre are the use of multiple types of wood, including salvaged wood, metal and bronze, coloured glass, electrical colours in fluorescent paint, and themes referring to social interaction, communication and urbanism. 

Quinze is driven by his belief in the possible realization of an idealistic society where all individuals communicate and interact, he creates work with an aim to bring people together and into a vigorous dialogue. In his urban vision, communal activities flourish and social cohesion is the norm. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersbys confronted with his sculptures. His unconventional public installations have challenged perceptions in the city centers of Belgium (Cityscape, The Sequence), Germany (The Traveller), France (Camille, Rock Strangers), Lebanon (The Visitor), China (Red Beacon, Chaos Wind ), the USA (Uchronia, Timegate), Brazil (Matarazzo), among others.

Besides building architectural sculptures, he creates complex art pieces and video installations inscribing his vision in society of how people see themselves and society. Works as Bidonvilles, Stilthouses, Chaos, My Home My House My Stilthouse and My Safe Garden have been shown in several international exhibitions.