Born    Wenatchee, Washington
            Lives and works near Los Angeles, California




1994    MFA, University of California, Davis, California

1991    BFA, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri



Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions


2009   On the Road to Trona, Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, California

           And Swine Flew Too, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2007   American Idle, CRG Gallery, New York City, New York 

2006   Big Rock Candy Mountain, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California 

2004   Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio (brochure)

           Chemical/Tropical, CRG Gallery, New York City, New York

2003   I Dream of Vegas, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

           Bigger Than Us: Russell Crotty and Kelly McLane, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, 

           Arizona (catalog)

2002   The Gravity of Nature, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2000   Just the Facts, Ma'am, Miller/Durazo Fine Art, Los Angeles, California

           Black Market Gnome, Delirium Tremens Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1999   Stupid Pet Tricks, George's Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1998   Corn, Dirt Gallery, Hollywood, California

1997   New Works, Miller/Durazo Gallery, Los Angeles, California

           Some Wicked People Do Prosper, Gallery Galgano, West Hollywood, California

1996   Recent Work, Acme Fine Art, San Francisco, California

1994   Big Meat, Memorial Union Art Gallery, University of California, Davis


Group Exhibitions


2015   Pedagogy, Orange Coast College Art Gallery, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa,

           California (Upcoming, January 2015)

2013   Pretty Vacant, Lindbrook House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012   Pinch and Pull, XVY Art and Design Gallery, Los Angeles, California

           Tomorrowland, California State University at Northridge, Northridge, California

2011   Teasers: Selected Works from the Pizutti Collection by Women Artist’, The Pizzuti

           Collection: Gallery at Two Miranova Place, Columbus, Ohio (Catalogue)

           Artist’s in Residence, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, California

2010   Fuckhead's, Kinkaid Gallery, Culver City, California

2009   Let There Be Light, Raid Art Projects, Los Angeles, California

           Sea Change, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Cypress, California (Guest curated by 

           Michael Duncan)

           Mighty Daggers Do Small Paintings Throw, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California    

           Animal Attraction, Ambient Art Projects, Las Vegas, Nevada

2008   Strange Circus: The Art of I-Ling Eileen Lin and Kelly McLane, Rohrer Fine Art, Laguna

           Beach, California

           The Unruly and the Humorous, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

           Apocalypse Yesterday!, Peggy Phelps Gallery Gallery, Claremont Graduate University, 

           Claremont, California

           Future Tense: Reshaping the Landscape, Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NewYork

           Out Of Shape: Stylistic Distortions of the Human Form in Art from the LOGAN 

           COLLECTION, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY (catalog)

2007   Endangered Wasteland, CRG Gallery, New York City, New York

           Phantasmania, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri (catalog)

           Like Color in Pictures, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado (catalog)

           Summer Stock, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2006   Negotiating Reality: Recent Works from the Logan Collection, University of Denver, 

           Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, Denver Colorado (catalog)

           Out of Line: Drawings from The Collection of Sherry and Joel Mallin, Herbert F. Johnson  

           Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

           Captive: Animal Imagery in Contemporary Art, Gatov Gallery, California State University 

           Long Beach, Long Beach, California

           Twice Drawn, Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

           Telling, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California

           Drawn Together/Collapse Apart, Harris Art Gallery, University of La Verne, La Verne,    


2005   Apocalypse Soon!, QED Gallery, Los Angeles, California

           In-house Outside, Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont, California

           New Works on Paper, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

           Rogue Wave ’05, L.A. Louver, Venice, California (catalog)

           The Great Outdoors, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2004  SPF: Self-Portraits, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California

           Story/Line, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, California

           Blue Sky: visionaries, romantics, dreamers, Pomona College Museum of Art,

           Claremont, California (catalog)

2003   Nine Artists All Jammed in One Room, Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont Graduate

           University, Claremont, California

           For the Record: Drawing Contemporary Life, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British    

           Columbia, Canada (catalog)

           conversations, Sam Francis Gallery, Crossroads School, Santa Monica, California    

           Small Measures, Sharon Essor Gallery, London, United Kingdom

           Works on Paper: Recent Drawings, CRG Gallery, New York City, New York

2002-03 L.A. Post Cool, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California; Otis College of Art and 

           Design, Los Angeles, California (brochure)





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    Select Public Collections


    Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, New York

    Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

    UCLA/Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California

    Orange County Museum of Art, 

    Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

    San Diego Museum of Modern Art

    University of Washington, Seattle Museum of Art

    National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

    Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon