Edge to Air

Mara De Luca, Tim Ebner, Katy Ann Gilmore, Andy Kolar, Yann Novak

Reception Saturday July 20 from 6-8PM

July 20 – September 7, 2019

Press Release


Los Angeles, CA - DENK gallery is pleased to present, Edge Air, a group exhibition featuring works by five contemporary LA-based artists who create works from two distinctive areas of abstract art: color field and hard edge. There are four painters in the Mara De Luca, Tim Ebner, Katy Ann Gilmore and Andy Kolar and one multimedia artist, Yann Novak.

Color field and hard edge are two divergent but related spheres of abstraction. While focusing on the interplay of colors, these two deviating forms of abstraction come together to explore the relationship of color to the viewer. Optical phenomenon is at play creating illusion through the use of color and form.

None of the artists, however,  into the “Hard Edge” or “Colorfield” categories exclusively but rather work floats between the two. Mara De Luca, Tim Ebner and Yann Novak often lean towards the “Colorfield” genre while Katy Ann Gilmore and Andy Kolar fall more into the “Hard Edge” category. Their work often blends the two categories distinctive interplays of color and line.

Edge to Air the artists explore concepts of abstraction in color, light, space, form, shape, surface and illusion. Each has their own distinctive approach creating works that are both visually and conceptually divergent. The interrelationship between the works in the exhibition offers the viewer a compelling view how each artist uses abstraction to tell their own story.

credits from left to right: Katy Ann Gilmore, Fold 25, 2019. Acrylic on , 49 x 26 inches; Mara De Luca, BEAUMONT, 2017. Mixed media on cut canvas with copper plated elements, 66 x 96 inches.